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Westward Foundry provides full-service interior architecture, interior design and home furnishing services on new construction, remodels, historic and vacation homes in Boulder, the high mountains of Colorado and across the West. We create unique spaces that reflect our clients’ needs, personalities and the landscape that surrounds us.



Interior Design

Interior Design is the practice of enhancing the interiors of any given home or building to achieve a more beautiful and functional space. This takes on many facets from first understanding a client's needs, wants, dreams and aspirations. Then leading the project with, and for, our clients from conceptual development and space planning, design development and the building of 3D-models, sourcing furnishings, fabrics, finishes, and lighting, to document preparation, site inspections, and construction management, and ultimately delivering a fully executed design project.


While some people might mistakenly think that being an interior designer and a decorator are the same, serious interior design crosses over into interior architecture. At Westward Foundry this part of our practice is where we support clients on their new build or remodel projects through the creation of sophisticated CAD drawings, 3D computer models, construction plans, detailed elevation drawings and document sets required for permit application and approvals. We work with a variety of valued and skilled architects and engineers whenever a larger architectural vision is needed or we need consulting on specific structural issues. But often to the delight of our clients, we can provide them with whatever technical drawings and documents might be required on many projects.


A common misperception is that working with a designer to select and buy furniture will cost significantly more than doing it yourself. However, it's been our experience (bias as we might be) that we can consistently deliver complete furnishing projects for clients within their desired budget. We source from trade and vintage sources and can offer clients pricing typically below retail. Based on our the breadth of resources we create unique, one of a kind designs versus the disappointing, often homogenous results which can come from shopping at the same retailers as everyone else. Finally, a significant benefit for our furnishing clients is that we handle all of the tedious and time-consuming details. We do all of the ordering. We receive, inspect and warehouse all of your purchases offsite so they can be delivered and installed by our team on a single day versus arriving at your home pieces by piece by piece each with its own delivery window. We also handle any and all damage claims when pieces are damaged during the shipping process, which is, unfortunately, a reality when shipping fine furnishings, mirrors, lamps, and artwork.





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