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Westward Foundry was born from the combined talents of Lindy and Jordan Williams. Lindy is an interior designer who founded her own firm over ten years ago. Jordan spent his career in the corporate world, most recently as an executive with Vail Resorts. Together they formed Westward Foundry to better serve clients with primary and second homes in Boulder, Colorado and across the West.

When the couple moved from Seattle to Colorado in 2011, they loved their new home state unreservedly. But they noticed that the regional design scene didn’t match their interests or the expectations of the clients they were meeting. So together they created Westward Foundry, a full-service, Boulder-based interior design firm offering both interior architecture, remodeling and furnishing design. 

Having spent their first years in Colorado living in Breckenridge, combined with Jordan's background in the luxury resort market from his time with Vail Resorts, they also have a keen understanding of the needs of clients and families working on ski homes in the Rockies.