Our mission is to help you turn your house into a home that perfectly reflects your individual style and personality. Our expertise is in residential design of all types, including whole house remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, space planning, furniture selection, and more. Our process emphasizes careful communication and collaboration. A typical project proceeds through the following phases:



We meet and learn about your dreams for the project, your budget, timeline, family living needs, personal style, and more. We take photos and measurements of your home and review architectural drawings and contractor estimates. We share images, sketches, and inspiration boards.


We sketch layouts and generate floor plans in a 3D modeling program, aiming to create the perfect remodel solution or furniture arrangement for your needs. We add color, fabrics, finish materials, and lighting schematics, then refine these ideas with you until we arrive at the perfect solution. Finally, we create a full 3D rendering of the finalized design so you can see exactly how it will look.

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We source all materials and obtain pricing, stock information, and samples. We visit showrooms and communicate with sales reps. We share our design direction with your architect or contractor, get feedback, and make changes as needed. For furnishings projects, we create budgets, source furnishings, decor, textiles, and accessories, obtain pricing and samples. Once selections are approved by you, we place all orders on your behalf. We coordinate delivery, storage, and installation.


We create detailed documents for your architect or contractor so that items like cabinetry, custom furniture, tile layouts and lighting can be bid on and built precisely to plan. We also create drawings for permit packages if applicable.




We meet on site each week to make sure everything is built or installed the way it was designed. The construction process can be stressful at times, so we’re on call throughout to answer your questions and assist in any way possible.