design Services pricing 

The one thing potential clients want to know most of all is "how much is this project going to cost?" Unfortunately, the honest answer is always "that depends." It depends upon the scope of the project. It depends upon the size of the space. It depends upon the goals and aspirations of the client. It depends on so many different things. However, what we can make clear is how we charge for the work we do.


fees for design services

At Westward Foundry we charge for three things:

  • $375 for our initial design consultation (more on this below)
  • $150 per hour for design services during the course of the project
  • $75 per hour for travel, if the project is outside of the Boulder/Denver area

Initial Design Consultation

When we start working with a new client, we charge $375 for our initial design consultation, this includes:

  • Up 90-minutes to meet with you at your home or project site to discuss the project, talk through your challenges, hopes and aspirations, discuss timelines, scope, et al.

Following this initial consultation we will deliver a complete design proposal which will include:

  • A detailed scope of work which will describe all facets of the project(s) making sure we've captured all of your goals for the project
  • A cost estimate for all design services needed to accomplish all of the work laid out in the scope of work
  • For furnishings projects: a line-item budget for all items to be purchased for approval by the client. This budget is offered with a budget-range for each piece to make sure we're aligned with the clients overall budget expectations

    Why do we charge for our initial consultation? 

    • Because you are paying us for our time, we're able to fully share our honest feedback, ideas, and suggestions for your project. Aka have you ever wanted an interior designer to come to your home or space and talk through your ideas/vision/goals for your project before having to commit to a full-blown engagement?
    • We can help you ask and answer questions surrounding the "who, how, how much and when?" for your project. For example:
      • Will you need an architect or can Westward Foundry do the drawings for you? If you do need an architect, we can make a recommendation.
      • How much of your desired changes look like they include structural elements or plumbing walls (e.g. the expensive stuff to change/move) vs. non-load bearing elements (e.g. the cheap stuff to demo/move/change)?
      • Is your timeline realistic? If not, what would an estimated project timeline look like?
      • How far out are most builders currently booking jobs? And who might recommend based on your project?
      • Etc
    • And finally, it allows both of us to decided if we’re the right fit for this project (aka this step is our “first date”). And if we should we dive into the project together moving forward.

    A couple of important items to note:

    • Following the initial consultation, there's no obligation to continue working with Westward Foundry.
    • However unless the client commits to moving forward on a project basis with Westward Foundry, we will not deliver additional items such as space plans, specific furniture recommendations, furniture size recommendation, color suggestions, samples, swatches, etc. Meaning our initial consultation can't be viewed as a mini-engagement, but rather it's the first step towards a (potential) project engagement.

      To kickstart your project, click on the link below, answer a few questions in our new client questionaire and we'll be in touch shortly. Thank you!